Delivery and inspection

What do I need to be aware of when signing a product?

 1, home delivery, delivery orders: Courier delivery Door, please be sure to check the outer packaging of the goods. If there is damage to the outer packaging, please do not sign and contact me Shop Customer service staff. Once you confirm the signature, follow-up if found after unpacking something has been damaged, then the accountability of the courier will be quite passive.

2, express delivery door, please open the outside packaging, for a simple check. See if the product has obvious deformation and breakage.  If there is a problem, please do not sign, and contact me shop Customer service staff.

Special NOTE:

 If your order is paid with a cash coupon, the amount of the returned item is greater than the actual amount paid and will be refunded in accordance with the actual payment amount.

If your order contains a gift, you will not be able to provide this service;

In the case of packaged goods, you can only return the entire package.

If you are a bundle, you will need to return the gift together with the return of the main item.